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  1. A Tour Of My Still Unfinished Kitchen And My Plans To Complete It

     Tue, Jan 30th - I Build It Home  Kitchen & Bath 144
    There were a couple of things that I left out of this, mainly because I haven't made up my mind whether I'll include them. One is what's known as an appliance garage that would go in the corner of the L of the countertop. It would have a roll up
  2. How to Clean a Dishwasher Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

     Sat, Jan 6th - The Home Depot  Arts & Culture, Reviews, Kitchen & Bath, , 0
    Keep your dishwasher in top shape and odor-free with these dishwasher cleaning tips. For more helpful tips and tricks, check out our How to Clean a Dishwasher Guide: 2BSqaN4 Periodic cleaning is important to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. Over time, stuck on food can build up on the dishwasher interior
  3. How to Clean Kitchen Appliances Appliance Cleaning Tips

     Tue, Dec 5th 2017 - The Home Depot  Kitchen & Bath, 0
    Keep your kitchen more efficient and sanitary by periodically deep cleaning all of your major appliances. Find out how to properly clean your kitchen appliances and other helpful kitchen cleaning tips with our How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances guide: 2A3LSRm Most kitchen appliances come in contact with food on a
  4. How to Clean a Kitchen Kitchen Cleaning Tips

     Wed, Nov 29th 2017 - The Home Depot  Kitchen & Bath, , 1
    Easily maintain a clean kitchen and keep the food you prepare safe with this handy advice from The Home Depot. Find out more helpful kitchen cleaning tips and tricks with our kitchen cleaning guide: 2hX0kPr The kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in your home, so it's a daily
  5. Convection Ovens: What is a Convection Oven?

     Fri, Nov 24th 2017 - The Home Depot  Kitchen & Bath, 0
    Convection ovens are an excellent way to save energy while cooking your food in a timely manner. Learn more about the The Home Depot’s wide assortment of convection ovens online: 2whA37E. In this video, we’ll explain exactly what a convection oven is and how to choose the right one for
  6. Theodore Leaf Living Big in Under 1,000 Square Feet: Small Space...

     Tue, Jun 13th 2017 - The Design Network  Kitchen & Bath, 5
    Watch NOW on The Design Network: serie... Whether you’re entertaining for two or ten, don’t let a small space cramp your style. Take advantage of Theodore Leaf’s expert entertaining tips. He brilliantly combines the living room and dining room of his tiny NYC apartment into a singular space suited for a fabulous
  7. Snack Chat with NathanTurner: Lulu DK's Spaghetti Alle Vongole

     Tue, May 30th 2017 - The Design Network  Arts & Culture, Kitchen & Bath, , 1
    Watch NOW on The Design Network: serie... When artist, fabric designer and all around creative genius Lulu DK steps into the kitchen with Nathan Turner, they waste no time getting down to business. This pair cooks up a piping hot spaghetti alle vongole, a beautifully simple Italian dish of pasta and
  8. Snack Chat with Nathan Turner: Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Sticky T...

     Tue, May 23rd 2017 - The Design Network  Kitchen & Bath, , , 3
    Watch NOW on The Design Network: serie... Martyn Lawrence Bullard is no stranger to the world of design. A celebrity designer with numerous awards, Martyn loves to host lavish parties and entertain guests. But he draws the line at cooking, which he says is “a disaster” if he’s in the kitchen.
  9. Snack Chat with Nathan Turner: Estee Stanley's Spaghetti Bolognes...

     Tue, May 16th 2017 - The Design Network  Kitchen & Bath, 1
    Watch NOW on The Design Network: serie... The multitalented Estee Stanley wears several hats as a fashion stylist, Hollywood interior designer and, most recently, restauranter, which might lead you (and host Nathan Turner) to believe that she’s also a skilled chef. Turns out, that’s not the case — and the witty
  10. Snack Chat with Nathan Turner: Jeffrey Alan Marks' Crab Cake Slid...

     Tue, May 9th 2017 - The Design Network  Kitchen & Bath, , 1
    Watch NOW on The Design Network: serie... When Nathan Turner and designer Jeffrey Alan Marks team up in the kitchen, it’s a given that these two SoCal boys cook up a coastal meal inspired by the sunny beaches of their home state. All bets are off when Jeffrey throws a handful
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