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Matt Risinger
February 6, 2018

Insulated Roof Deck

From Matt Risinger on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 in & Videos

26 Comments on "Insulated Roof Deck":

Next Developments Thursday, February 8th, 2018
I'd love to do this down here in Australia on my low pitch project coming up.
Artūras Baranovskij Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Hello. What exact liquid flashing product does Doug use? In Europe liquid flashing is pretty uncommon, but maybe would find something in my country. We basically use Siga tapes for all the joints ( but in my practise, in some exterior situations tapes failed and because of that I want to try liquid flashing)
dennis Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
lol ... when doug jumped up and down on the surface it didn't even move .. because he's only about 150lbs! Imagine Jordan jumping on that surface ... it would show on the richter scale.
Jim Kandell Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Not the only one out there using Zip R on the roof. We just finished a 100 year old gambrel hip roof barn that the owners wanted insulated while maintaining the original interior. We staggered 2" foam sheets with 2" Zip R fastened with 6" head lock screws. Finished it out with 2"X4" purlins attached with 8" head lock screws followed by a standing seam metal roof.
David Weigel Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Matt, if you haven't seen the independent testing on this system, I'd love to hear your perspective personally don't believe that the testing methodology would translate to real world applications, but I get more worried seeing it on rooftops.
jason Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
how is he mitigating the agr's? That's what I want to know.
BMak Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Great air barrier. Horrible moisture barrier
Seth Tezyk Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Thanks, the first time I heard of the zip R products, I thought the roof would be a great application. Would love to see an update on how this performed in a few years
Adam Mackey Smith Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
This was way to brief. What's the whole build up here? How is he draining this? Edge detail?
paul bonenberger Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Zip system specs say not to use on roofs with slope less than 2/12 .
T Willey Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
3 inch nail schedule on edge with 6 inch schedule in field with 4 inch nails? Any particular type of nail? Adhesive to roof truss before placing panel? Thanks for showing.
Matt Robin Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Did the manufacture of the Zip system come out with updated installation instructions as I see some builders are covering fastener intrusion and some are not. Yes I did see the DuPont video but it wasn't produced by a independent tester so I am not sure what controls were used in their simulation.
scarmenl Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I don't know if this would work where you have to consider snow load.
bluebird5100 Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Do builders actually build anything? All they really do is hire people to build the project for them. They are not really builders more like worker and money managers. Nothing wrong with that, but they really need a new name like building quality control supervisors or something. The only builders are the guys wearing the tool bags with holes in their pants from moving material around and glue and paint on their shirts. It gets old hearing people ( especially homeowners) say that they are building a house when actually all they are doing going to the bank and filling out some paperwork and the hiring a guy (g.c.) who is hiring other guys (subs). And then they move in and tell everyone that they just built a house.
AF-O6 Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I would pay a lot for a complete builder’s manual containing your research and experience.
Dylan T Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
"off the reservation" not cool matt.
Kenz300 x Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Insulate, insulate, insulate and air seal.
Louis Pereira Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Is this assembly applied directly to roof joist framing?...or does it still require roof sheathing. Not 100% certain after watching the video
Mark Palmer Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Have always thought this made incredible sense.
Maxima Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Matt, several vids and internet articles on zip system leaking. Can you research and do a video?
EARL Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Builders supporting builders. Love it. Great video as always
tent time with big A Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
No roof foam? We install densdeck on poly roof foam all the time
Greg Shaw Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Marshall Kilgore Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I hurried to click this one before it was gone lol
Matt Metcalf Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Seems like you could get rid of the dens deck with this?
Nicholas Hartzler Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Let me watch if before you remove this one!



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