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Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
January 3, 2018

Why I don't trust Ford After 19 years & 15 new Trucks. Gas VS Diesel Reliability & performance

From Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 in Arts & Culture, Reviews, & Videos
Watch this Review before buying a Ford Truck. 3 honest opinions based on different experiences, Gas vs Diesel ford work truck review in their heavy duty line up. We talk Power, performance & reliability for Ford Work trucks based on 2 decades and over a dozen trucks.

50 Comments on "Why I don't trust Ford After 19 years & 15 new Trucks. Gas VS Diesel Reliability & performance":

Frank Tarara Thursday, February 8th, 2018
My first truck was a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500. It was a decent truck except for all the steel tube lines rotting out, tranny cooler, brake line, power steering cooler I had to replace them all. I sold the Chevy and bought a 2008 Ford F-250 4x4 with a Boss plow it has the 5.4L gas in it. I've now got 72K miles on it and it runs fine. I went with a Ford Super Duty because it has the solid front axle and I bought it to plow with as well as doing other work with it.
Leo Castro Thursday, February 8th, 2018
The f-150 isn’t bad just the larger trucks.
Go-Karts N Gaming Thursday, February 8th, 2018
Do NOT go Dodge. I really really liked Dodge trucks until we got our 2015 2500 HD 6.7L Cummins. There are lots of problems with the DEF systems and other related parts. The def level sensor went out in the second year so the truck detected no def. This put the truck into a 5 mph limp mode while driving down a four lane highway.
Bhavish Samaroo Thursday, February 8th, 2018
My grand father had a 2010 Ford f150. It drives like a dream but in 2016 it was really found on road dead, and it completely shut off the computer was gone. Trick was well maintaned and driven with respect I just don't know why or how? After that happened I did some online research other people had the same problem, with no solution.
hpkntnw Thursday, February 8th, 2018
Oh please my father in law just got rid of his ram 2500 because it rode like a bucking bronco.
nirvana896 Thursday, February 8th, 2018
You could not give me a ford truck that was made from 1997 to 2010 gas or diesel. I would not accept it unless I'm taking it directly to the scrap yard because that's where they belong. I've had enough experience with them at the company that I work for. They spend more time in the shop than they do on the road. they are cheap to buy used but when they start breaking down you better have deep pockets.
Shannon Walsh Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
I have owned every ford since the 6.9. As i have never had the mechanical issue you have experienced I do have to agree with your assessment of the fuel economy. 12.5 all day long.
Christopher Bryant Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Cummins engine with the Allison transmission is the way to go I’m a diesel mechanic and I love them.
Philip Kleinhenz Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Stanley I've been a mechanic for many years and can tell you that if I was doing what you are doing with your trucks I would be buying single cab 6.2 ford just like you. Or possibly a chevy gasser for light hauls If you need more room get a crew cab so you can have that solid pillar behind you. Ive towed a concrete trailer since it was new with a 99 7.3 f350 4x4 powerstroke that has been built using the larger 05 axles. She has 353k miles on her and not one injector pulled. Old Ford trucks have always been good to me and my family. I like the old cummins engines with a cast iron cased transmission but not enough to deal with dodges front ends, cheap ac compressors and sagging door hinges at 30k miles. As far as Chevy trucks go besides the 2007-2013 cut cost phase for them the Silverado is a great truck that can suit most familys well. But I can't stomach the idea of having cv axles surrounded by popsiclesticks to cradle and wheel around a heavy diesel with a big load down the road. Pre runners use that stuff to have more flex. Tow vehicles don't need to be going through the woops. Ford has the best truck. Dodge "uses" the best engine the cummins. And Gm "uses the best transmission the Alison.As far as gas trucks go the Ls engine in the gm truck is going to be the most reliable and cheapest to own. So many of them if you need a part somone has it.
KamoCyde Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab Long Bed with over 220,000 on the clock. Will fix whatever breaks and never getting rid of it. She’s a tank
sammy duran Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
My 2000 5.3 has 270,000 and i tow 7500 lb on the regular. It has original everything except a rear end rebuild.
Robert Hills Jr Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Check out Toyota Tundra. Not all are expensive. Just like the rest of them.
Robert Hills Jr Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Makes me think, Never own a Ford again. I had Ford trucks since 81 and 2 years ago went to a Toyota Tundra. No problems at all. NONE.. Then I find out that Tundra is the best truck going. 75% N American made. More than any other brand of trucks.
roy lemke Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Now days I will not own a diesel the def filter smokes while cleaning and if it doesn't clean properly it can cost you more than a new engine to replace it. I do like my f350 have plenty power to pull my 14 thousand pound fifth wheel with the 6.2 flex fuel engine, 6 spd allison trans ( special ordered by the oil company that owned before me) and 430 electric locking rearends and 4 wheel drive and 18" wheels. Now for what I don't like. It has 16 spark plugs and 8 coil packs that puts the price of a simple tune up in the 1600 dollar range. There is a transmission interlock solenoid that no one in parts houses seem to know about including the Ford dealership. The radio is an odd ball size making it where you have to take it to Ford if you want a new one. If you rip off the muffler or put a hole in it take it back to Ford be cheaper than any other. And if you are a dyir there is very little information out there about the 6.2 flex fuel engine and niether Haynes or Chilton has put out a book covering that particular engine or year model of truck.
mike howell Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
try different diesel fuel which might help like bio diesel
Paul King Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
My experience isn't with a Ford "truck", but with a Ford van and the Ford Motor Company. We bought a Ford Windstar and got the "extended warranty" with it. After having a full service done at the Ford dealership, I took my family on vacation. While driving through the Mojave Desert, the van started to sputter and finally stalled ON the freeway! We pulled over and I pulled the dip stick out of it's tubing and a plume of smoke or steam came out of the tube. I re-started the van and continued down the freeway for about a 100 years when it finally gave up the ghost. Leaving me, my wife and 2 small kids stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert in the middle of the Summer! I found a emergency call box and called for a tow. We got towed to a Ford Dealer where believe it or not, was another van EXACTLY like ours! Not knowing what the problem was with ours and they said they'd have to start stripping the motor down until they found the problem. I asked what the problem was with the one like ours and the guy said it was a recall for a faulty head gasket. Humm, I NEVER got a notice from Ford about a recall on OUR van! So after a few days of renting a hotel room for me and my family, guess what the problem with OUR van was? Yep, you probably guessed it. A faulty head gasket that was a recall!? Why wasn't I notified!? Why didn't Ford say something when we had just had a van in the shop getting a Full Service!? After spending over $1K out of my own pocket for hotels and rental cars since it took the better part of 2 weeks to get our van repaired, The Ford Motor Company WOULD NOT reimburse us for what was THEIR mistake! If they would have fixed the problem in the first place, we wouldn't of had this nightmare story/vacation! If they would have stood behind their product, I wouldn't be typing this novel! Needless to say, thanks to the Ford Motor Company. I will NEVER own another F**Ked Over Rebuild Dodge!
David Mclamore Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I like my 99 7.3 more than the 09 silverado i had lol
justin20051 Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Keep buying the ford. Just get it with the v10. You won't be sorry
TheWaterman1000 Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I have Dodge 2500 diesel with manual trans. Oldest one Is a 1994 and still runs great. You could consider obtaining some and rebuilding them.
Cueball Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I have the 2011 F350 with the 6.7 Diesel engine, 126k miles with no issues. I’m getting 14.1 mpg and that includes some city driving. I’ve only had to do my regular service.
Lorenzo Villarreal Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Ford outsells every other truck every year for a reason. When you sell upwards of 800k trucks a year you’re gonna see more of them in shops than you would any other make. Either way there is a reason why the f series of the number one selling truck for 4 decades. Chevy’s claim to be “more reliable” is bullshit. I also don’t understand why this dude would say he loves his Ford but then talk down about it. Pick a side, bro.
Dragunov302 Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
I own a 1998 Toyota T100 with 260xxx miles on it. Bought it with 221xxx with a 3.4 V6 (5VZ-FE). I have owned it since 2014 and has NEVER let me down once. Starts in any temperature, has 31” tires from the factory (4wd 1995-1998). About 250k miles I had 1200 dollars worth of maintenance done (seals, bearings, brakes, u joint and rear shocks). Unreal reliability the only gripe is the power. Now it’s lifted 3” on 33s.
robert ferguson Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Got an 13 Ford with the 6.7 powerstroke and I’ve had great luck with it. Love it. I’ve had three dodges with the 5.9 cummins and they were great engines, the best. But my 06 4x4 was eating front end parts constantly, every oil change I was changing something in the steering components.
cmiller8492 Monday, February 5th, 2018
My 99 f150 is alright. Speed bumps make it go flying, deafening inside, and odd problems seeing its 20 years old, but for 1900 dollars its a steal.
Justin Wood Monday, February 5th, 2018
“I use this truck for work”.....”the ride quality sucks” 🤨🧐
Ashton Needler Monday, February 5th, 2018
745 dislikes are ford guys
Watchinthefoolshere Monday, February 5th, 2018
I've had my '97 F150 for 15 years with 200K miles and only regular maintenance. I love it. If it ever gives out I'll cry. I would like to buy an SUV but afraid. I've looked under the hood and it's such a mess you can't do regular maintenance yourself.
Chris Parker Monday, February 5th, 2018
Worst truck i drove was a 93 Fsuperduty with a 7.3 because it was the last year ford built the 7.3 without a turbo so it had no power at all and it only got 10mpg loaded or unloaded which wasn't bad for it having a 5 speed and 510 gears in the rearend
Mr Mike Monday, February 5th, 2018
Those 2 guys don't know a whole lot about the trucks from what I can tell. Bitching about the ride but he wants a 350. Someone should let him know the rides gonna get stiffer. If it's to much for your delicate little body to handle throw 400 pounds in the back of her and she'll level out for you so you don't slip when your putting nail polish on
Mr Mike Monday, February 5th, 2018
Gm diesels make more noise then they do power and have only had a handful of half decent engines dodge can't even build their own diesels and it's only the Cummins engine that has made them half **** famous and in not even gonna start on their gas engines then there is the ford diesels. They've had a few flops in the newer diesels but all in all they've made the best trucks and engines ever imo
Anthony J Stewart Monday, February 5th, 2018
This is my experience not being a troll but Pardon my French, fords are **** junk. (Let me explain) A close family member bought a 2015 ford 5.0 and it was a nightmare.. kept it for a year and got rid if it. Then he traded it in, got a 16 6.2 Gas another pile of junk.. after 6 months the The had an oil pump failure then 1 year later again.. it would shake a 70 mph and they would fix it... shake again in 2 months. the transmission ran crazy hot! 🔥 he got terrible gas mileage and the VALUE was cut LESS THEN HALF after 2 years of owner ship. He paid a good amount for the truck. Only put 79,000miles in it! He paid more for his truck and got less.. he’s trading it in the next day or so and saying goodbye to a life long journey with ford. Cummins and duramax are so much different. My Buddy has a 2014 Cummins with 0 Problems and 360,000 KM (Canada) he lives in ALBERTA they all run Cummins. There not expensive to maintain and they engines are SOLID! Not a single issue. Then they can sell this Cummins or Duramax and get some money back unlike gas trucks. I wish I could post a pic but his 14 Cummins get 16–19 MPG but not very good towing only about 8MPG. This is my experience. And I have a 2013 duramax with 190,000 km and not a single problem. My buddy can prove it almost 400K and not a single problem and still the dealer ship will still value it at a good price.
James Buell Monday, February 5th, 2018
My 7.3 cab and chassis gets 15ish mpg and I can put two pallets of pavers on the back and it doesn't change. It'll hold 6 people too.
Zane H Monday, February 5th, 2018
I have a 2015 Ford Ranger (Australia) 3.2l 5cy Diesel Manual shift, never had any problems, goes well, gets 9l / 100 or 26MPG in the city, rides like a car no complaints, we don't get the monster ford trucks here so can't really compare to what you have, one thing with Ford trucks compared to the others, they have the highest safety ratings if involved in an accident, This is a big consideration if you value your life.
Newbstroker0373 Monday, February 5th, 2018
I had a 2003 7.3 F250. I picked it up with 181k miles and sold it 3 years later with 220k miles. It was rough and loud and I loved it. Replaced the fuel bowl o rings and the front wheel hubs. Trouble free other than that. When I needed a truck with more interior room I went with a 2012 Mega Cab because it’s the only newer truck I can work on myself
Hype Gaming Monday, February 5th, 2018
Its a diesel particle filter thats what smokes it lets a bunch of smoke out at one time instead of steadily its stupid
eugene kline Monday, February 5th, 2018
I'll keep my 79 ford over the new junk ones
Jason Hernandez Monday, February 5th, 2018
Honestly my Ford that I bought about 4 years ago has lasted sense 1977 and still going strong I do like the video though
GoPro Sports Monday, February 5th, 2018
buy duramax or cummins
GoPro Sports Monday, February 5th, 2018
that good old Minnesotan accent
KingConker101 Monday, February 5th, 2018
Well I have a 2010 Ford F-150 and I like it so far. The ride is a bit stiff and rough on certain roads. But crusing on the throughway was alright not many hiccups. But I will upgrade the suspension with new struts to alleviate the ride stiffness
Ryan Swanson Monday, February 5th, 2018
I will ever make that mistake because Will have a Chevy
Legokid311 Gameplays Monday, February 5th, 2018
Hemi's are the most reliable engines ever built of all time they don't break everything else on the trucks will break before the engine does
Legokid311 Gameplays Monday, February 5th, 2018
Get a ram
Cody Brown Sunday, February 4th, 2018
I run a 2016 f350 diesel it is a work truck, not comfortable to ride in. It is a beast made to work
AMPx gaming Sunday, February 4th, 2018
Imo the best plow truck you can get is a 97 to 98 k1500 Silverado or Tahoe for plowing.
427Rat Sunday, February 4th, 2018
Cummins will has been and always will be far superior to all the diesels
Michael Doster Sunday, February 4th, 2018
Let me clarify I like the older Fords. Too much technology keeps them from running, and costs you a fortune disproportionately to what you get out of it. Simple is as simple does...
Michael Doster Sunday, February 4th, 2018
Had 1976 Econoline 150 longbody (but not the extra18" on the rearend). 351 Windsor, not Cleveland! (400 heads) this was a former ambulance, and it would f+*kin RUN! Eventually ended up RED up in the air w 6" bodylift, 6" suspension lift & 3 1 x 14's allaway round! Monsta! 91 Ford Range XLT, 2.3L 8 plug 4 cyl 5 spd bought 111k miles died at 338,336 miles. Headgasket. Gonna cost me lil over $2k for total rebuild guaranteed! A other $200+ for nu clutch pressure plate & throw out bearing. Brakes, cooling, electrical all been gone thru. This truck ain't goin anywhere! Had it since 99! I like my Ford trucks. Dad & bro-in-law drive & swear by Chevies. If Ford holds up to ME, I'm sticking wit'um! Thanks for great and illuminating vdo! I'm partial to the basics myself, I DO NOT LIKE POWER WINDOWS THAT ADD 40# A DOOR, AND ALWAYS GO OUT. GIVE ME A FRICKIN WINDOW CRANK! if I EVER bought a new one, it would HAVE TO HAVE mANUAL EVERYTHING FELT MEBE PER STEERING ! ADVOCATE OF RUBBER FLORS INTRUCKS CARPET IS FOR LADIES OF CARS. AND I KNOW A GUY A RUBBER FLOORS IN HIS CAR. BUT IT IS A GASER! THANKS GUYS!
Vaughn Ebbighausen Sunday, February 4th, 2018
35-E, these guys must be in MN; sure appears so? MN state statute requires diesel fuel to be a bio blend. Diesel owners in my area of the state fuel in ND to avoid the mandate. Bio diesel is simply one of many banes to deal with when owning a diesel no matter the manufacturer.
JMGRICH Sunday, February 4th, 2018
What if don't get, is how all the big three, which have been making trucks for a long time, still can't figure out how to build a good truck.



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